Update on Ola – Deferred Action Granted!

Thanks to the efforts of numerous organizations and individuals, and a petition of more than 10,000 signatures, Ola Kaso will not be deported. She has been granted Deferred Action by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This form of relief is discretionary but only offered in exceptional cases. In Detroit, grants of Deferred Action by ICE are incredibly rare. It should be used more regularly for potential DREAM Act beneficiaries (who should not be placed into removal proceedings to begin with per application of prosecutorial discretion) and certainly should not be triggered only upon request by 10,000 people. Until President Obama calls for a moratorium of the deportations of potential DREAM Act beneficiaries, which he should do immediately, ICE should use its own prosecutorial discretion and Deferred Action as a regular course of action in these cases.

Ola’s story, and the positive outcome, is proof that action by you – phone calls, letters, petitions – can and does make a difference. It is also evidence of the overwhelming sense in America that DREAM Act beneficiaries are good kids who deserve a break. Michiganders clearly feel this way, and I am very proud of the efforts undertaken by my homestate to stand up for Ola. If America believes we should protect these children, it is imperative that the DREAM Act also be supported and passed. This can, and will happen, if you take action!

For information about the DREAM Act and opportunities to take action, visit DREAMActivist and One M1chigan.

Congratulations to Ola and her family and friends! Let’s keep this momentum going.

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