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DHS: Department of Harassment Specialists

If you think that DHS stands for “Department of Homeland Security,” you may wish to reconsider. I believe that it stands for “Department of Harassment Specialists.”

First, let me make something clear: there is no doubt that the majority of those who work at DHS believe in what they do and think it is for our country’s best interest. Their intentions are noble and they are proud to tell you that they are serving with good conscience. However, history is full of people who thought that they were doing wonderful deeds, but in retrospect we realize that what they did was at best a waste of effort and time, and at worst a cause of great and needless harm to others.

I suspect that many of those who enroll at DHS do so to, in their own minds, protect this country from undesirable aliens. I believe the same can be said of many employees at the State Department. I also suspect that many in the Labor Department who deal with immigration issues act from the point of view that they are protecting the U.S. Labor Force. It appears to me that in the last decade and a half, those well-intentioned Americans have had the misfortune of following leaders in the government, who executed policies which may have been politically expedient but are harmful to who we are as a nation. Fifteen years of the wrong foundation is sufficient to create a situation where a huge bureaucracy has substantially turned into a harassment machine.

I recently read a survey which states that in excess of 99% of DHS’s activities relate to immigration issues and less than 1% relate to security issues. Therefore, the designation of that department as a Homeland Security one is a misnomer. While the public may believe that new hires are taking care of security issues, many are channeled instead to immigration-related activities. Since by its nature, bureaucracy seeks its own justification, most of those spend their time nit-picking and pursuing issues against immigrants who should otherwise be allowed to settle in this country and live normally. The result is huge public expenditure of funds, a giant bureaucracy, and an incalculable waste of effort that involves, in reality, nothing other than harassment of individuals that should, under normal circumstances, be welcome in this country. Hence, you have the detention facilities that are housing good people that have, for whatever reason, overstayed in this country. You have gigantic volumes of paperwork seeking trivial data of people and businesses who should otherwise be allowed to have a better ability to do business in this country. I also believe that the same thing is happening at the State Department, hindering many bright and brilliant overseas students, talented workers, and intelligent people from visiting and enriching this country. I also suspect similar occurrences at the Department of Labor, where a huge bureaucracy is created under the disguise of protecting U.S. workers, when actually a freer trade of high skilled labor force would improve our country’s technology, productivity and efficiency.

In summary, I think that there is a vast number of public servants who are paid by the taxpayers and whose activities are counterproductive to the best interest of those taxpayers, but they simply do not know any better or have not had the right leadership to gear their activities to what is truly beneficial to our country.

With the new administrations intent to tackle immigration reform at this year’s end, and based on a new era of discussion of issues without the use of fear tactics, there may be some hope that this wasteful situation shall change for the better, after all.

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