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Immigration Articles in Newspapers

There have been several articles in some of our nation’s most prominent papers, highlighting the contribution of various immigrant groups and dispelling some of the myths circulated around in the immigration debate. You would not hear about those articles on the Lou Dobbs program.

The following article in the New York Times titled “How Immigrants Saved Social Security” explains not only how legal immigrants contributed to our tax base, but also how illegal immigrants contribute even more so to social security without getting back anything from the system.

Another article discussed the wall being built along the southern border and how it is causing damage to the environment and to property rights. The article is titled: “Disorder On The Border”

Another article highlights how, in its attempt to please the hardliners, our government has trashed many environmental laws and damaged hundreds of thousands of acres of fragile habitat on the southern border. The article is titled “Michael Chertoff’s Insult”

Several articles in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the need for more H-1B visas. One quoted Bill Gates’ testimony to Congress in which he cited studies showing that H-1B workers, through the innovation they bring, actually add jobs at the rate of 5 to 7.5 new jobs for every new H-1B worker.

Bill Gates’ observation relates to his experience at Microsoft. However, a recent study by the National Foundation for American Policy verifies his experience and shows similar results with data showing that because of their innovative skills, every H-1b worker actually causes the creation of about 7.5 American jobs. See

Another article highlighted how other countries are using America’s ill-advised policy to their advantage by luring intelligent immigrants to their own countries. See

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